50 Cent Goes Retro Gangster In His ‘Hustler’ Music Video

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The Queens rapper drops a new visual from his Animal Ambition album.

One thing that’s particularly evident when looking at 50 Cent’s career, is that the man hustles. From his days on the corner, to his music industry grind and business ventures, there’s no arguing that Fif’s work ethic is relentless. His latest release follows that theme.

His latest single “Hustler,” which premiered Monday afternoon on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, finds 50 channeling his roots. “My mind on the money, I ain’t trippin’ on the h–s/ I blow a whole lot of paper on clothes/Can you dig it? I’m a hustler, baby,” he rhymes on the chorus.

50 Cent in his "Hustler" video

The track clocks in at just over three minutes long, but it proves to be enough time for Fif to get off his boasts. “Stack paper like I’m tryna fix the national debt,” he brags in the first verse, and later follows up with a slick-talking outro, “It’s cold out here. It’s my kind of weather; I’m cold-blooded.”



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