Justin Bieber Gets Revenge On Drake Bell By Crashing His Album Party

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Bieber sends fans into a frenzy at Bell’s release party.

Justin Bieber Drake Bell's album release party on Thursday night

It seems as though Justin Bieber may have gotten the last word in what was thought to be a one-sided saga between himself and Drake Bell.

Bell has made it no secret over the past few months that he is not a fan of the Biebs, going off on him on Twitter, calling the singer “talentless,” and in a recent interview with Buzzfeed, he said Bieber was sending a bad message to his fans. All the while, Bieber has remained quiet.

Well, you know what they say: Actions speak louder than words. And Bieber clearly made that apparent on Thursday night by crashing Bell’s album release party.

Justin, who posted video of the incident on Instagram, captioning the clip “so nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight,” pulled up to Mixology at the Grove in Los Angeles and simply rolled down his window, causing the crowd of onlookers to simply lose their minds.


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