NKOTB Do Vegas, Cover Backstreet Boys & Channel Britney Spears At Their ‘After Dark’ Kickoff

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Three decades into my hypothetical career as a recording artist, I’d probably be lucky to have a vanity label of designer crop tops for ferrets. And that’s where theNew Kids On The Block and I differ — and I don’t just mean because their music careers are, like, actually real. It’s been 28 years since NKOTB released their self-titled debut album in 1986, and they’re still playing to packed venues.

On Thursday, July 10, the guys kicked off their four-night “New Kids On The Block: After Dark” run at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood. In case that place sounds familiar, that’s where Britney Spears’ “Britney: Piece Of Me” residency is hosted.

If the night was any indication, a full-on Vegas residency of their own wouldn’t be a bad idea for the all-man boy band — not that that’s any news to them. These four concerts are sort of a test run, a chance at “dipping our toe in,” as member Joey McIntyre put it in a pre-show interview. And as Donnie Wahlberg triumphantly announced midway through the performance, invoking 1989′s “Field Of Dreams”: “We f—ing built it, and you f—ing came!”


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