See Maroon 5′s Glowing Cover Art For V

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Apart from the fact that it’s “very much all over the place,” Maroon 5 haven’t given us too much information surrounding their upcoming album, V. But on Monday (July 21) — perhaps in celebration of frontman Adam Levine’s weekend wedding — the band has released the official album artwork and track list for the September 2 project.

The cover for the album — which welcomes back original keyboardist Jesse Carmichael into the fold after a two-year break — is relatively simple, featuring the letter neon V illuminating over a desert background.


“I think that’s kind of the idea behind the album. It’s our fifth record. [Five] is literally part of our name,” Levine told us earlier this year of the album. “We thought we’d get back to certain elements that we’d been missing out on for a while with our original sound, but also bridge the gap with the new stuff that we’ve been doing. I think it’s an all-encompassing kind of record.”


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