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Hot Team Locations

  • Monday 11am to 1pm: Speedee Mart, Swenson and Flamingo
  • Monday 4pm to 6pm: NBA Summer League, Thomas & Mack Center


  • Tuesday 11am to 1pm: 7-11, Lake Mead and Simmons
  • Tuesday 5pm to 7pm: 7-11, Nellis and Bonanza


  • Wednesday 11am to 1pm: Speedee Mart, 2841 W Craig Rd
  • Wednesday 5pm to 7pm: 7-11, Craig and Decatur


  • Thursday 11am to 1pm: Ann and Clayton
  • Thursday 4pm to 5:30pm: 7-11, Losee and Washburn


  • Friday 11am to 1pm: Speedee Mart, 5110 Camino Al Norte
  • Friday 4pm to 5:30pm: Decatur and Oakey


  • Saturday 9am to 12pm: Rebel, Lake Mead and Pecos
  • Saturday 2pm to 3:30pm: Rebel, Buffalo and Washington


  • Sunday 11am to 1pm: 7-11, Vegas Dr and Rancho
  • Sunday 3pm to 5pm: 7-11, Washington and Decatur

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